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Bill Sabram is a Transformational Experiences Designer specializing in games, well-being and learning. Welcome to this site.

Sketch to explore

Gaming to engage

Play to learn

Research to discover

Data to empower

Prototype to solve

World building to win

Present to give back

Bill’s insights, ideas, and user journeys bring people together, fuel positive change, and launch new transformative products across multiple industries.


Expert drawing skills. Master of storyboards. Bill thinks with a pencil and shares images to gain consensus.



Relevant game mechanics, caring social dynamics, and frequent genuine feedback compel users to engage and stay for intrinsic rewards.


Play is a vital human state, like dreaming. Playing helps us safely experiment, learn with gusto, and prepare for life’s challenges.



User testing, focus groups, and play testing allow us to iterate our way to experiences that are worth repeating.


How can we put all your data in context, and create communities that support personal growth? When we know how users can “win,” machine learning can find new user flows.



Until we make a prototype, all teammate assertions are true. Rapid prototypes are theory in practice, and 9 times out of 10, a prototype ends all debate.

World Building

Big picture thinking, or world building, encourages “end game thinking” and planning beyond the current sprint. This helps the team define how users “win”.


Give back. Speak about a topic you love. Frequent, engaging presentations ensure that as we grow in expertise, we don’t lose the ability to clearly share what we know.

A bit about me


As a Principal Learning Designer with Autodesk, a leader in free software to design and make a better world, Bill Sabram created a learning prototype to help students, educators, and industries explore a peer-to-peer learning network. ( This work was featured in the CEO's opening keynote at AU 2017. 

As the Lead Game Designer at MeYou Health, a pioneer in engaging, scientifically-validated, open social health products, Bill fused game design with behavior change theory to deliver data-driven web and mobile products that were fun and effective.

key skills:

• Visionary: Create, test, balance and specify a design vision that users love. Bill creates compelling experiences that are playful, engaging, and transformative.

• Leader: Passionate learner and problem solver skilled at integrating research, observations and fun into compelling solutions that inspire.

• Thinker: Self-motivated, resourceful professional skilled with tools of communication, writing, design process, user research, and technology. Bill sees connections that others don't. Software bugs can't hide from his trained eye.

Hello, I’m Bill and I’m happy to meet you. Thanks for visiting! Please check the other sections.

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I’d love to hear about your project or design needs. Let’s meet up for some smart talk!


Bill Sabram


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Bill is easily one of the most creative, innovative people I have ever met. He is consistently enthusiastic and excited about his work, and the work of people around him. He never runs out of ideas or paths to difficult solutions that make the project better and more fun.

He has an invaluable amount of experience, energy and passion to share. I highly recommend Bill and truly hope our professional paths cross again in the future.
— Liana Reda Leahy, Senior Product Manager at