Transformational Experiences Designer



A peer to peer learning network

Autodesk Education Experiences hired Bill Sabram to invent a new kind of learning platform, design two learning prototypes, and conduct user research for their annual learning conference, Autodesk University.

v1.0 Fusion Skill Tree


As a design contractor, Bill Sabram created a vision and rallied cross-continent Autodesk teams to imagine a game-like learning tool for Fusion 360, the cloud-based CAD/CAM software.

Learning Fictions

Autodesk Education shared Bill’s specialized concept boards far and wide to pitch learning ideas, get executive support, and secure Learning Strategy resources.

v2.0 Fusion Command Map


As a full-time remote learning designer, Bill led a series of collaborative “Half-day Deep Dives” with teams in Boston, San Francisco, and Toronto. 

Autodesk University 


Our prototype was featured in the CEO’s opening keynote at AU 2017, and spun out as a plug-in for Fusion 360. Bill Sabram’s engaging and playful research activities gathered user feedback and validated the genesis of a new kind of data-driven, in-product learning tool.

Bill’s brain is a rare and valuable treasure. He has helped us think differently about how elements of gaming, motivation, rewards, and community can be used to enhance an experience in powerful ways.
— Mickey McManus, Visiting Research Fellow at Autodesk, Senior Advisor at BCG, Co-Author, Trillions